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Top Fifty Active Incarnoi in Quest Points To Age Ratio

as of Sunday, September 25th, 2016 1:00 AM
Mayo, Level 38 female Hanoman advenus POEE Initiate, Crafty Linguist, Explorer, Mycenaean Wandslinger, and Sister of Wine and Song

Kleio, Level 36 female Xintatlaan human Verynvelyr and Wandslinger of Corna

Taco, Level 47 female Obsidian Gezuuni Aisenshi-Insei-Te and Ringwielder

Tharurtius, Level 34 male Archeop aviar Attuned Lightbringer, Crafty Linguist, Hawkman, Losthaven Guard, and Questor of Axa

Kaja, Level 38 female Losthavener kobold Traveler

Kielith, Level 35 female Seelie dryad Kazarak

Hyrcudor, Level 48 male Losthavener sleklith Ringwielder, Chosen of Vashanka, Garbage Thond, Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel, and Weapon of Vengeance

Achoth, Level 42 male Losthavener kobold Attuned Traveler

Tokrim, Level 14 male Esarturi wildling skaven Ringwielder and Cultist of Decay

Udrik, Level 24 male Losthavener kobold Attuned Traveler

Wrath ont Rodin, Level 16 male Kolondan eolon Battlerager

Inevitable Perfection, Level 36 female Shadowmyrker nyloc Attuned Lightbringer and Explorer

Vance, Level 22 male Losthavener human Traveler

Curufin, Level 22 male Losthavener tuatha Aligned Explorer and Probaton of the Pantarchic Church of Yehovah

Notlad, Level 59 male Exomka kedeth Attuned Zetesis

Makr, Level 52 male Obsidian Gezuuni Attuned Verynvelyr and Brother of Wine and Song

Valintana, Level 45 female Seelie tuatha Aligned Maiden of the Spear and Neophyte Warden

Plentiful Creativity, Level 43 neuter Losthavener nyloc Ringwielder

Jenda, Level 41 female Losthavener eolon Battlerager and Kazarzeth

Impeckable, Level 36 neuter Imptropolitan imp Reaper and Discordian Legionnaire

Havak, Level 36 male Obsidian Gezuuni Aedarene

Nuwis, Level 32 male Freeholder kobold Attuned Traveler

Bygrim, Level 15 male Losthavener svirfneblin Attuned Traveler

Impalpable, Level 14 female Imptropolitan imp POEE Initiate

Hino do'Hino, Level 14 male Yathrelar drow Ringwielder

Dalton, Level 103 female Freeholder imp Ringwielder, Chosen of Vashanka, Renegade Wandslinger, Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel, and Weapon of Vengeance

Gemgarette daughter of Gemene, Level 89 female Freeholder aviar Zetesa, Kazarzeth, and Maiden of the Spear

Rojo, Level 78 male Argnash garou Zetesis, Chosen of Vashanka, Discordian Legionnaire, Lykouros, Wandslinger of Evendim, and Weapon of Vengeance

Tomotsuo, Level 74 male Hanoman orc Verynvelyr, Crafty Linguist, Explorer, Hellwalker, and Wandslinger of Camille

Naissa daughter of Julenda, Level 68 female Losthavener kedeth Attuned Deep Whisperer and Gauric Legion

Barroth, Level 53 male Losthavener fomor Ringwielder, Chosen of Vashanka, Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel, and Weapon of Vengeance

Nyladon, Level 51 male Losthavener srazh Ringwielder

Tersaror, Level 45 hermaphrodite Losthavener nyloc Ringwielder, Chosen of Vashanka, and Weapon of Vengeance

Chrysophiles, Level 44 male Istaxith srazh Verynvelyr and Heth Karad

Tacia, Level 38 female Archeop aviar Attuned Aisenshi-Insei-Te, Crafty Linguist, Gauric Legion, and Hawkman

Ganus, Level 35 neuter Losthavener pixie Ringwielder and Weapon of Vengeance

Haphazard Revelry, Level 34 neuter Losthavener nyloc POEE Initiate, Gatherer, and Sibling of Wine and Song

Zelena, Level 30 female Freeholder fomor POEE Initiate and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel

Ternela, Level 27 female Losthavener chaosborn POEE Initiate

Kusis, Level 23 female Trueborn Amberite Aligned Maiden of the Spear

Varkaskigar, Level 21 neuter Losthavener pixie Ringwielder

Exedath, Level 20 male Losthavener Amberite Ringwielder

Dinin, Level 19 male Hanoman orc Aisenshi-Insei-Ono and Hellwalker

Altruwistic, Level 19 male Freeholder human Knight of the Round Table, Losthaven Guard, and Summachos of the Pantarchic Church of Yehovah

Lael, Level 17 female Hanoman dana Aligned Maiden of the Spear

Zyzn kail Hatore, Level 16 hermaphrodite Faedraki phaethon Attuned Aliavelyr, Crafty Linguist, and Questor of Axa

Potato, Level 16 male Trueborn Amberite Attuned Traveler and Explorer

Lileia, Level 16 female Trueborn Amberite Attuned Lightbringer and Maiden of the Spear

Farandar, Level 16 male Freeholder phaethon Frater Ignis Aeternis and Stalker of the Gate

Drunkard, Level 14 male Freeholder chaosborn POEE Initiate and Brother of Wine and Song

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