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Atman Profile: Grundy

Primary Incarnos
Uwacasnath, Level 154 hermaphrodite Nisbetoth aethoss Aedarene and Questor of Axa
Other Incarnoi
Udli ont Aldam, Level 75 male Kolondan eolon Attuned Zetesis, Chosen of Vashanka, and Questor of Axa
Thwdar ont Udediln, Level 180 male Kolondan eolon Justicar of Axa, Losthaven Guard, and Questor of Axa
Gonyon ont Uldam, Level 68 male Kolondan eolon Aristeios, Chosen of Vashanka, and Questor of Axa
Bolan ont Koryon, Level 81 male Kolondan eolon Frater Verbus Glacialis and Magister Collegii
Baram ont Konin, Level 33 male Kolondan eolon Aligned
Unuzu, Level 31 neuter Xotic chaosborn Attuned Traveler
Thwli ont Uldan, Level 69 male Kolondan eolon Attuned Lightbringer
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