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Atman Profile: Kirsten

Primary Incarnos
Kirstia, Level 44 female Talantonite phaethon Ringwielder, Chosen of Vashanka, and Weapon of Vengeance
Other Incarnoi
Kirsten, Level 17 female Losthavener human adventurer and Stalker of the Gate
Warcumus, Level 19 male Losthavener minotaur Brute, Chosen of Vashanka, Garbage Thond, and Stalker of the Gate
Charrissa, Level 15 female Losthavener srazh Verynvelyr and Agnihotri
Zaun, Level 52 male Hanoman orc Aisenshi-Insei-Ono, Hellwalker, and Weapon of Vengeance
Daniella, Level 18 female Losthavener faerie Attuned Verynvelyr and Maiden of the Spear
Geena, Level 24 female Talantonite faerie Attuned Aisenshi-Insei-Yari and Renegade Wandslinger
Aiarla, Level 22 female Talantonite kedeth Attuned Traveler, Crafty Linguist, and Renegade Wandslinger
Mordek, Level 29 male Talantonite ogre Brute, Chosen of Vashanka, and Stalker of the Gate
Kayla, Level 87 female Talantonite garou adventurer, Garbage Thond, Lykouros, and Weapon of Vengeance
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