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Atman Profile: Malystrox

Primary Incarnos
Malystrox, Level 28 female Losthavener phaethon Frater Ignis Aeternis, Losthaven Guard, and Stalker of the Gate
Other Incarnoi
Serindhra, Level 12 female Avalonian human Knight of the Round Table and Summachos of the Pantarchic Church of Yehovah
Hecar, Level 7 male Losthavener srazh Hantaka
Ulixus, Level 29 male Losthavener kentaur Shapeshifter, Garbage Thond, Haruspex, and Losthaven Guard
Kaleth, Level 64 female Losthavener garou adventurer, Chosen of Vashanka, Discordian Legionnaire, Garbage Thond, Losthaven Guard, Lykouros, and Shakarian Wandslinger
Rakanishu, Level 30 female Losthavener kobold Verynvelyr, Losthaven Guard, and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel
Vulzal, Level 16 male Losthavener troll Brute, Discordian Legionnaire, and Losthaven Guard
Cerin, Level 18 female Losthavener kedeth Aligned Crafty Linguist and Haruspex
Asden, Level 19 male Losthavener rachnei Attuned Aisenshi-Insei-Te and Losthaven Guard
Morcar, Level 19 neuter Losthavener rachnei Reaper, Discordian Legionnaire, and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel
Granok, Level 14 male Losthavener thond Battlerager
Lilbit, Level 40 male Losthavener kobold Attuned Traveler
Ilyene, Level 35 female Losthavener advenus Aligned Maiden of the Spear
Shailar, Level 11 female Losthavener advenus Verynvelyr
Skurn, Level 26 male Losthavener orc Aisenshi-Insei-Ono and Hellwalker
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