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Atman Profile: Nitram

Primary Incarnos
Marili, Level 51 female Losthavener pixie POEE Initiate
Other Incarnoi
Levizel, Level 46 female Freeholder pixie Frater Verbus Glacialis
Taridmi, Level 53 female Wickwer svirfneblin Attuned Deep Whisperer and Gauric Legion
Texus, Level 67 male Losthavener pixie Attuned Zetesis, Garbage Thond, and Gauric Legion
Tietett, Level 32 female Seelie pixie Ringwielder
Lemina, Level 29 female Losthavener pixie Aristeia and Wandslinger of Camille
Quinamki, Level 53 male Wickwer svirfneblin Aligned Cuar Faern and Fianna
Zinallel, Level 100 male Losthavener kobold Traveler
Melisi, Level 18 female Losthavener pixie Aedarene
Trifisa, Level 25 female Freeholder pixie ELF Guerrilla and Weapon of Vengeance
Melizini, Level 28 female Jhanite human Warbreaker
Aureleia, Level 16 female Losthavener ardhalokh Black Sister of the Coven
Vaemetner, Level 75 male Freeholder kobold Verynvelyr
Eritolel, Level 56 male Losthavener kedeth Deep Whisperer and Gauric Legion
Lilyenia, Level 41 female Losthavener pixie Ringwielder
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