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Atman Profile: Trogdor

Primary Incarnos
Brains, Level 137 female Losthavener thond Battlerager, Discordian Legionnaire, and Garbage Thond
Other Incarnoi
Balont, Level 67 male Argnash garou adventurer, Lykouros, and Weapon of Vengeance
Deja, Level 22 male Losthavener Amberite Hantaka and Discordian Legionnaire
Rip, Level 34 neuter Losthavener fomor Reaper
Liono, Level 30 female Losthavener sekh Verynvelyr and Maiden of the Spear
Emenus, Level 15 male Losthavener tuatha Frater Verbus Glacialis
Haunter, Level 38 neuter Losthavener nyloc Shemsu Sutekh and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel
Onin, Level 34 female Losthavener phaethon Zetesa, Kazarzeth, and Maiden of the Spear
Azog, Level 25 male Hanoman urga Aisenshi-Insei-Ono and Hellwalker
Terari, Level 13 female Losthavener Amberite Aligned Maiden of the Spear
Soulsteal, Level 68 male Losthavener fomor Ringwielder, Chosen of Vashanka, Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel, and Weapon of Vengeance
Nanero, Level 47 male Archeop aviar Attuned Aisenshi-Insei-Te and Weapon of Vengeance
Eibic, Level 43 male Losthavener tuatha Attuned Frater Verbus Glacialis
Nwarb, Level 60 male Losthavener eolon Battlerager, Chosen of Vashanka, Garbage Thond, Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel, and Weapon of Vengeance
Iyce, Level 18 female Losthavener Amberite Frater Verbus Glacialis
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