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System Changelog Entry #5308

Summary implemented general companion limit
Rated Importance
4 raters
Rated Value
4 raters
Type lib expansion
By Chaos
When Jan 5 2013 3:02 AM
Description Made it so that all characters have a limit on how many companions they can have, based on their effective leadership skill (mainly). Made various mechanisms that give you companions acknowledge this.
Reason People abusing the effectively-unlimited within-a-single-session companion availability situation. Also making more significance for leadership and charisma.
Result There is a companion limit.
Projects Erisian Liberation Front, Corna, Camelot, Ordo Undine Proeliatori, Empathic Bonds, Cult of Decay, Clerics, Lupines, Vanik's Tomb, Temple, Losthaven
Version predates automated version tracking

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