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System Changelog Entry #6704

Summary ovg spell mortiferum amplexionem now has an energy cap
Rated Importance
1 rater
Rated Value
1 rater
Type content revision
By Starhound
When Dec 8 2016 8:24 PM
Description this enchantment would let you scale it's current power rating to unlimited amounts if you could sustain the drain of casting the spell enough and such over days of idle spamming spells.
Reason eval find_living("introspection")->query_child_object("is_ordo_verbus_glacialis_mortem_nemorosus")->mortem_nemorosus_query_power() [ Result : ] 119767 (the highest costing effect is 500)
Result casting the spell while the aura is at max power will now do nothing but cost energy.
Projects Ordo Verbus Glacialis
Version not updated

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